The American Society for Collective Rights Licensing (ASCRL) is a new, not-for-profit organization dedicated to securing and distributing equitable compensation to authors and rights holders for the use of their visual works.

A collective management organization (CMO), ASCRL is predicated on the belief that rights holders must be equitably compensated for the reproduction, distribution and display of their works. Many of these uses, especially in the digital space, are currently made without any compensation to the rights holder.  ASCRL works to secure a revenue stream for visual artists as compensation for secondary uses of their visual works and distributes that revenue directly to the rights holders and their authorized representatives.

Dedicated to maximizing the return to creators in an open and transparent manner, and to minimizing collection and distribution expenses, ASCRL is the only rights holder managed CMO in the United States dedicated to creating equity for authors of visual works.

ASCRL members will be invited to apply to receive royalties collected by ASCRL for foreign and domestic reproduction of visual works. If you create or own rights in visual works published in any country, you are eligible for ASCRL membership.

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